Model: Mark Karpač

Make-up: Bilka Baloh

Dress: Jasmina Gregurič

Assistant: Tanya J.

Photo: Teya Teyson

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Hugo Boss Watch

Photo: Teya Teyson


THE FINAL CONCERT – a photo story 

The Final Concert is a photo story about a violinist whose essence is hidden behind her scary figure. At the same time this is a metaphor for the art which always has two sides. It can be very noticeable because of its aliveness and ‘loudness’ or it can be like a ghost, totally non-obvious, completely ‘silent’ so we can walk pass it without recognizing it. 

The photo storytellers are: model Tanya J., make-up artist Maja Vučina, hairdresser Matevž Treven, designer Barbara Pavlič, assistant Anja Matko and photographer Teya Teyson. 

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